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Titi Anggraini

Perludem - Association for Election and Democracy
Executive Director
Titi Anggraini holds her Master of Law from the Faculty of Law University of Indonesia majoring in constitutional law in 2005. She is currently the Executive Director of the Association for Elections and Democracy or Perkumpulan untuk Pemilu dan Demokrasi (PERLUDEM), an NGO engaged in the research and advocacy of elections and democracy in Indonesia. Titi previously was a Member of the Elections Supervisory Committee at the central level for the 1999 general election. He also worked at the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) 2003-2004 and the Democratic Reform Support Program (DRSP RTI-USAID Program) in 2006. In the 2006-2008 Titi worked with Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Body for Aceh-Nias or BRR Aceh-Nias in managing legislative strengthening program at the tsunami affected areas throughout Aceh-Nias. In the 2004 election, Titi is appointed as the Coordinator of Report of Complaint Division of Election Supervisory Committee at the central level, and in the 2009 elections Titi is appointed as the Coordinator of the Expert Team of the Election Supervisory Body or BAWASLU. Titi can be contacted via email: titi@perludem.org.