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James Horton

Datanomics & Australian OGP Civil Society Network Steering Committee Member
Chief Executive Officer
James is a member of the Australian OGP Civil Society Network Steering Committee, civil society representative on Australia’s first Open Government Forum, and contributor to the development of its 2nd National Action Plan.

James maintains a strong commitment to civil society, particularly in the areas of data ethics, and the use of public sector data, with a particular interest in Australia’s Data Sharing and Release OGP commitment. He is also a board member for Internet Australia, which is the Australia chapter for the Internet Society (one the internet’s governing bodies), and a member of the IEEE Society for the Social Implications of Technology.

James’ professional interests and experiences have been built on (nearly) 30 years in the fields of information management, data governance and ethics - across public and private sectors, and Asia Pacific region settings. He is currently founder and CEO of datanomics a Melbourne-based business focused on enabling organisations to realise value through ethically-aligned data-sharing.

James has a very sensible wife and three remarkable adult children.