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Hercules Jim

Consultative, Implementation, and Monitoring Council of Papua New Guinea
Project Coordinator
Papua New Guinea
Hercules Jim was born in Jiwaka Province, Papua New Guinea; the second largest island in the Pacific. Most of his childhood was spent back home where he was brought up largely by is grandparents. He later recalls it as a struggle. In 2016 he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. As a young university student Mr Jim was an Executive Member of the PNG Bible Church Student Fellowship and Vic-president of UPNG Jiwaka Fellowship in 2014. He was also the President of the Jiwaka Students Union in 2015 and in 2016 he was the Highlands Regional Representative in the UPNG Students Representative Council (SRC), co-chairman of forums and student leader assisting Students Services Department at the University of Papua New Guinea.

Today is still the co-chair of the Jiwaka Tertiary Students and Graduates Association, also a volunteer in the of Youth Against Corruption Association (YACA)-a program under Transparency International PNG chapter and the Youth Representative in the Open Government Partnership (OGP) PNG Steering Committee. He is also member of the Youth Coalition in the country and a volunteer to the Papua New Guinea Council of Churches.

Mr Jim was one of the few brave men that orchestrated the 2016 nationwide student protest against PNG’s corrupt government. One of the longest and peaceful student protest in the history of Papua New Guinea. Mr Jim and a crowd UPNG students were attacked and shot by the country's police force. It sparked mass debate throughout the country and grabbed the attention of the international media. Mr Jim was terminated from university as the set of events worsened. His termination along with his fellow counterparts was denied after several months at the National Court and he was able to graduate.

Previously, Mr Jim worked for Bismarck Ramu Group an NGO as a Campaigner. He was assigned to work closely with local communities and groups throughout Papua New Guinea. As a campaigner he was heavily involved in advocacy on Human Rights and environmental rights issues. Mr Jim is currently the project officer for governance and service delivery committee under Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council. The committee aims to advocate for social accountability in the areas of participatory policy and budget formulation and implementation; budget analysis, expenditure/input tracking, participatory performance monitoring and evaluation throughout local communities, civil society organisations and citizens.