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Naira Arakelyan

Armavir Development Center
Executive Director
Naira Arakelyan is the executive director of Armavir Development Center NGO. Her direct journey with civil society started, when she joined CCDI/IFES as a trainer in Armavir region during 2004-2005.
This experience empowered her abilities and helped her to understand the great impact of civil society.

While working at CCDI/IFES, she noticed how civil society organizations were developed in other regions and Yerevan, and comparing with her region she saw that even though there were many registered CSO’s, almost none of them were working and implementing their mission effectively. On this background, Naira together with active people in Armavir region established Armavir Development Center NGO (ADC) in 2005, in order to improve and consolidate democratic system, support civil society and sustain social and economic development.